Split Systems in Geelong

Middletons offer professional in home sizing for all types of split systems to suit your individual needs, from small bedrooms to whole house multi systems.

A "SPLIT SYSTEM" literally splits the mechanicals into two sections. The "inside" unit which houses a coil and very quiet fan is mounted inside your room (on any wall high or low to suit your furniture layout) and the outside unit which houses all the main components is located externally and interconnected with small copper tubes to the indoor section. This system allows more choice of position when locating the unit seen in your room and because most of the mechanicals are remote it is extremely quiet when operating.

These systems combine power with whisper-quiet operation and the remote control allows for simple and effective usage.

A bit about Inverters vs. Standard units - Daikin tends to be a step ahead of competitors. Their Inverter technology differs from traditional air-conditioning in that the speed of the compressor is variable instead of stopping and starting. We liken it to a car accelerator, you may need extra power to get up a big hill but you can reduce the power (and petrol!) once you’re cruising along the highway!”

The benefits of this inverter technology are:

  • it eliminates fluctuations in room temperature
  • One of our units for split systems in Geelong
  • makes them the quietest units available
  • allows the units to cope with extreme temperatures
  • provides greater energy efficiency – it can reduce running costs by up to 30%
  • Daikin are air conditioning specialists. Our entire focus is on bringing climate-controlled comfort to places where people live, work, meet and relax.
  • As a world leader in air conditioning and the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in Japan, Daikin can be trusted to control the temperature, airflow and air quality in a broad range of environments. From homes to high rises, from hospitals to hotels, Daikin has an air conditioning solution that provides superior comfort.
  • With operations across the globe Daikin has invested more than 80 years and billions of dollars in research and development in the fields of mechanics, electronics and chemistry to produce air conditioning products that are energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable.
Founded in 1969, Daikin Australia has installed air conditioners into countless homes across Australia and New Zealand. Daikin systems can also be found in thousands of commercial developments and community projects.