Brivis Ducted Gas

Brivis Ducted Gas


WIth a Brivis Ducted gas heater we can heat your entire home with a touch of a button!Brivis products have been manufactured in Victoria for 50 years! and provide a variety of sizes and efficiencies to suit all size homes.

Just a few reasons why you should consider installing ducted gas central heating in your home.

"With a winter climate such as Victoria has, I suggest that ducted central heating should be considered a necessity, not a luxury".


On a cold winter day it is an absolute joy to have every room in your home toasty warm (walk into a cosy bathroom, bare feet on warm floor, and grab a hot, dry towel from the rail above the warm air floor outlet).

Space Saving & Economic:

Ducted heating does not take up wall space as do room heaters and it could be possible to heat an entire home for about the same cost as operating inefficient "room heaters".

Central heating is much healthier than other methods as it operates with an intake point (usually in the centre of your home), which draws air in through a grille, then via a duct to the furnace where it is warmed as it passes over a heat exchanger and distributed through insulated ducting to individually adjustable outlets in each room. Because this air is constantly gently circulating, there is no build up of stale air anywhere in your home and as actual burning of gas to create warmth takes place outside the rooms where you live, the warm air is less "stuffy" than with a room heater.


A well designed system with quality equipment is virtually silent in its operation with the gas fired furnace located externally if the ducting is located underfloor or in the ceiling space if the ducting is overhead (when designed and installed correctly, an overhead system works equally as well as an underfloor system).


Natural gas is "environmentally friendly" producing three times less carbon dioxide than coal generated electricity. As it is a clean burning fuel very little service or future maintenance is required.

Add Value to Your Home:

I have discussed with many Real Estate Agents the effect on the value of a home that has installed central heating. The general opinion is that if the system costs $4,000, it adds at least $5,000 to the perceived value (and makes the house much easier to sell than one with a room heater). These are only a few of the advantages you gain with gasfired central heating, please contact me if you would like to discuss any of the above.

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