Wood Heaters for Cosier Homes in Geelong

If you are thinking about using a wood heater to heat your home, it is important that you select an efficient wood heater. High efficiency heaters use less wood to produce the same amount of heat, saving you money and time and burn 'cleaner', producing less pollution,

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A radiant heater emits heat from the flames and embers of a fire and from the hot surfaces of the heater itself. Like the radiant heat given off by the sun, it heats objects within the room but does not directly heat the room air. A radiant heater heats people and objects directly.
Radiant heaters:

  • transfer roughly 66% of their heat by radiation, the rest by convection
  • give uneven, 'localised' heat within a room
  • have extremely hot surfaces and can be hazardous, particularly for young children and the elderly
  • are more suitable in draughty rooms or those with ceilings of 2.7 metres or higher.

A radiant heater heats people and objects directly

Convection heaters

A convection heater heats and circulates warm air around a room. The air can be heated simply by being in contact with the hot outer surface of the heater, or by being drawn into a jacket (a 'second skin') around the firebox and then distributed through the room. Some heaters have fans to assist this process.
Convection heaters:

  • distribute roughly 66% of their heat by convection, the rest by radiation
  • have relatively cooler (100–200°C) outer surfaces
  • fill a room with warm air more quickly than radiant heaters
  • give more even temperatures within a room
  • produce warm air which can be moved from one room to another using ducts and/or fans
  • are most suitable in well insulated, draught-free rooms with moderate ceiling heights.

A convective heater heats the room air directly


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Clean Air Wood Heaters are designed and manufactured in Australia especially for Australian winters, and are ideal for energy efficient home heating. Our longer burn times, genuine overnight burn rates, lower emissions, higher efficiencies and better air flow throughout your home simply mean that Clean Air Wood Heaters is the perfect choice when quality is paramount.