Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating

"Like Standing in Sunshine!"

Having lived with hydronic radiators for about 20 years I would like to indicate some of the advantages (when compared with ducted warm air.)

The comfort level of a radiant hydronic system is vastly superior to ducted warm air which can have a dehydrating effect. The warmth from a radiator is like spring sunshine through a window, it also warms the lower level of a room much more efficiently than ducting which directs the warm air to the ceiling first.

Operating sound levels of the warm air furnace will be noticeable particulary if it is underfloor or in the ceiling. The radiators create zero noise compared with the sound of the warm air leaving the outlet registers.

A ducted system can distribute dust and odors throughout the home; a hydronic system does not.

Most people now perceive Hydronic Heating to be "Rolls Royce" quality and as such can increase the value of your home by more than its initial cost.

Please contact me if you would like me to design and quote for a Hydronic system to suit your home

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